Ammonia as fuel?

Ammonia (NH3) is an interesting potential as an energy storage and transport mechanism for hydrogen prime movers of both types (HFC and HICE). Its higher boiling point and greater energy density than hydrogen gas make it a very attractive energy-transportation method (fuel) once it is made, but our current understanding of the synthesis of ammonia for industrial-scale use centers around the Haber-Bosch Process. Haber-Bosch is, unfortunately, a rather dirty and energetically expensive process involving coal-fired plants operating at above 200 bar and 400oC, necessitating large capital expenditures and emitting considerable amounts of greenhouse gasses. Below is an excellent paper illustrating the chemical pathways of an alternative electrochemical process to the Haber – Bosch Industrial process.

Additionally, there is an exploration (below) of the pathways (in 3 defined stages) by which we could conceivably migrate from an industrial Haber-Bosch process to green and on demand manufacture of Ammonia for fuel. Check it out and let’s discuss!

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